Basic information on storyline missions.

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Basic information on storyline missions.

Post  Osho on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:14 am

Storyline missions are missions offered to your character by NPC agents. These storyline agents will message you after you complete a series of missions (which I will discuss next) that reward you with ISK, loyalty points, and faction standings gains.

Storyline's are given every 16 missions. These missions must all have been the same level ( Level; 1,2,3,4, or 5), but can be done for different NPC corporations, as long as they are under the same faction.

In example, to get a level 4 storyline for Minmatar Republic, you must complete 16 level 4 missions for any NPC corp under the alliance (Brutor, Freedom Extension, etc.). When you have completed 16 missions, an agent will send you a EVE mail requiring your "services."

Storyline missions can be courier missions, combat missions, or require items in exchange for goods. Usually, depending on the NPC corp, you will get implants, hard-wirings, faction standings, and loyalty points, in addition to ISK. Level three mission story-lines tend to occasionally give +3 modification implants, and mediocre hard-wirings, but can be different depending on the NPC corp your storyline was issued from.

When your mission is completed, you will be rewarded (although its not stated other than "This is an important storyline mission that will impact your faction standings.") with faction % increases, in addition to the mission rewards shown in the agent conversation display.

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