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COSMOS missions are missions that reward your character with ?% Faction standing's increases. The "?" is a preset increase rewarded after a set of three missions are completed. Rewards also include blueprint copies, NPC faction member corp standings boosts, and low amounts of ISK. These missions are very high quality storylines, and will impact your standings if started, then cancelled.

Each particular agent gives his/her three part "storyline" only once, and it is reccomended that your character has a higher faction standing when starting cosmos, as to recieve a higher % increase when rewarded.

The % of standing rewarded is calculated:

((Current Faction Standing) x (?% ÷ 100)) + (Current Faction Standings) = New Standings

For Example:

(5.0 x (3% ÷ 100 = .03)) = 0.15
0.15 + 5.0 = 5.15

Take into consideration when doing COSMOS, that you only get these % once per agent, so the higher your starting standings, the more standings you receive.

Same Example but at a lower current standing:

(3.0 x (3% ÷ 100 = .03)) = .09
.09 + 3.0 = 3.09

The missions require that you have a battlecruiser class or lower, and the sites do not allow for MWD modules to be used. Some COSMOS missions are in complex's, which are accessible to anyone, so be weary about looting, as the owner and owners corporation your stealing from will have an aggression counter against you. There are multiple acceleration gates in the complex's, all which contain consistent spawns, to render drawing aggression from NPC's very difficult.

These COSMOS rats DO have webification, and almost all Dramiel's warp scramble.

The best way to complete these COSMOS missions, is to have a guide, as some missions do not give locations or information on where to obtain mission items, and can require you to probe down sites for a few (not many at all).

The most informative, and helpful guide I used, and give to characters is located here.

These missions are a very good wait to get quick faction standings boosts. Enjoy them, but be patient, as some are frustrating.

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